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Overflow Type Ball Mill

Overflow Type Ball Mill

Overflow type ball mill is composed of the major parts of feeding inlet, feeding outlet, rotating part, driving part (speed reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electrical controller). Hollow shaft adopts steel castings and the liner is detachable. Rotary gear is processed by casting, and inner cylinder is set with wear resistant board with good abrasion resistance.

Product Description

The structure of overflow type ball mill is roughly the same as grid type ball mill, which has no discharge grid at the discharging end of the cylinder. Moreover, inner surface of the hollow shaft is set with the anti-spiral blade, which can make the overflow small ball and the coarse ore blocks in the slurry back to the mill.

Performance Characteristics

1. Overflow type ball mill, with a simple structure, has convenient management and maintenance, thus a higher operating rate.

2. Grinding particle size is small.

Main Technical Parameters


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