In the beneficiation process design, the selection of the Flotation Equipment specifications and the number of units generally meet the following requirements. (1) In order to save investment and production costs and reduce the floor space, a larger-scale flotation machine should be selected as much as possible, but it must be compatible with the nature of the ore, the scale of the ore dressing plant or the production capacity of the crucible, and the nature of the flotation operation. (2) When determining the number of flotation machines, it is necessary to pay attention to prevent the slurry from being "short-circuited". The total number of slots in each row of coarse and sweeping flotation machines should not be too small, generally not less than 8 slots, but used for each operation. The flotation machine should be no less than two.

At the same time, the number of tanks per flotation machine must ensure the foam product self-flow to the adjacent front working flotation tank, because the flotation point of the flotation machine in the same column and the mine in the former flotation machine The elevation of the return pipe is a fixed value, that is, the height difference is a fixed value. The longer the stroke to the front work, the smaller the slope. Therefore, the number of flotation machines connected to the same slope foam tank is not suitable, generally every coarse for each series. The number of tanks for the flotation machine selected, sweeped or selected should not exceed 6 slots. (3) The rough selection and sweeping operations generally use a large flotation machine of the same specification. The selection operation generally uses a flotation machine that is smaller than the coarse sweeping specification because the amount of coarsely selected foam concentrate is reduced.