With the continuous development of modern science and technology, the consumption of mineral resources is increasing, the requirements for the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources are gradually increasing, and the rapid development of mineral processing technology is promoted, and it is possible to economically treat low-grade ore. Design stress maps reduce investment and production costs for greater economic efficiency. China's concentrating plant design and technological progress is also very significant.

Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, thousands of various types of moving mines have been designed and constructed. The largest design and construction scale has reached 50 million tons/a of raw ore. Each modern and large-scale concentrator reflects the progress of the design technology of the concentrator, mainly in the following aspects: (1) large-scale Flotation Equipment, (2) flotation machine renewal and new process application (3) production inspection of the mineral processing process, Control and automation (4) Emphasis on environmental protection (5) Emphasis on technical safety and labor security measures. In particular, technological advances in the scale of flotation machine are very large and obvious. With the increasing consumption of mineral resources, the grade of ore is getting lower and lower, which has led to an increasing scale of processing of ore processing plants.

Therefore, it is necessary to have corresponding large-scale flotation machine to adapt to the large-scale construction scale of the concentrator. In the large-scale concentrator of contemporary design, the selection of mineral processing flotation machine is based on the principle of large-scale, advanced, high-efficiency, low energy consumption, which is suitable for the construction scale of the concentrator, so that the concentrating plant has a higher mechanization level. Designed. When the crusher and the grinding machine are enlarged, the flotation machine is also enlarged. Since most of the domestic concentrators are non-ferrous metal ore dressing plants, the flotation process is often used for the selection process of non-ferrous metal mines. Flotation operations are used in almost 80% of the country's concentrators, and flotation machines are used. Therefore, the development speed of flotation machines is much faster than that of crushers and grinding machines.