Thickening Equipment is the main equipment in the tailings dry discharge process. Thickening equipments have existed in several generations of tailings equipment, such as thickening equipment + filter press; thickening equipment + filter; thickening equipment + cyclone + filter press ; thick machine + cyclone + dewatering screen and other equipment groups.Golden Machinery takes you to know about efficient thickening equipment

In the tailings dry discharge process, the thickening equipment is mainly used for tailing pulp concentration, and the slurry containing solid weight of 10% to 20% can be concentrated by gravity sedimentation into an underflow slurry with a solid content of 45% to 55%.

First of all, the lower part of the high-efficiency thickening equipment adopts the design of large cone angle, which greatly increases the compression zone of the thickening equipment. Therefore, although the material to be processed has fine particle size and low concentration, the underflow concentration of the thickening equipment is very high, up to 50~ 70%.

In addition, the lower part of the high-efficiency thickening tank adopts a multi-cone structure, on the one hand, the compression zone is changed to make the underflow concentration higher, and on the other hand, the height of the trough body can be greatly reduced.

Secondly, a large number of inclined plates are installed in the central settlement zone of the high-efficiency thickening equipment, which greatly increases the settlement area of the thickening equipment, effectively prevents the floating of fine particles, increases the concentration of the underflow, and makes the overflow water clearer. The use of a sloping plate also makes the required thickening equipment relatively small in diameter. At the same time, the inclined plate is periodically vibrated, eliminating the problem of bonding the inclined plate. The feeding of the thickening equipment must first pass through the degassing tank to remove the gas from the ore slurry, including the foaming agent contained in the flotation mine tailings, and reduce the adhesion of the slurry particles to the bubbles like a parachute. Settlement. The degassing tank of Golden machine high-efficiency thickening tank adopts a more advanced and more reasonable structure, which makes the degassing effect more obvious.

Finally, the center of the high-concentration tthickening equipment is also ingeniously set, and the feeding center cylinder is provided with a receiving tray, so that the fed slurry is evenly and smoothly falling, preventing the phenomenon of turning over the residual pressure of the mine.