Parallel sloping plate and inclined pipe material At present, the sloping plate and inclined pipe material arranged by the high-efficiency Thickening Tank are mostly FRP products, and the frictional resistance of the sloping plate surface is increased, which is not conducive to the material falling, and the sloping plate is embrittled and the strength is lowered. After using the swash plate made of anti-aging agent PVC plastic, the above shortcomings are overcome, and the service life is increased by more than 5 times.

The new type of ash discharge form The bottom slag discharge port of the high-efficiency thickening tank is the only channel for the concentrated slurry. At present, there are two types of cone and round tube. In the actual operation process, the discharge tube riser is often blocked and found not. In time, it will cause a crusher accident. The high-efficiency thickening tank adopts an inverted cone and a new type of ash discharge device to cure the occurrence of similar phenomena and ensure the smooth discharge of the bottom discharge port of the thickening tank.

At present, there are many kinds of domestic thickening machines. Among them, the high-efficiency deep-cone multi-cone thickening tank developed by Zhejiang Golden Machinery Factory. has been recognized and praised by the industry. High-efficiency deep cone multi-cone thickening tank and concentrated hydrocyclone, high-efficiency multi-frequency dewatering screen combined with tailings dry discharge process is a very advanced dewatering process, and is the best choice for tailings treatment.