Concentration equipment is a new type of dewatering equipment that combines the characteristics of mud filtration. The field of concentrating equipment is still relatively broad. Whether in the chemical industry or in the environmental protection industry, concentrating equipment has been widely used. For the selection of Concentration Equipment, Zhejiang Golden Machinery Factory listed the following principles.

The type and specification of the concentrating equipment should be determined by comparison of the process according to the process requirements, material properties and use conditions. The general selection principles are as follows:

(1) Dehydration and de-dosing operations, generally using conventional center and peripheral transmission concentrators. When the processing capacity is not large, the center drive type should be preferred. Its main advantage is that it can be lifted manually or automatically to prevent breakage accidents. When the processing capacity is large, the peripheral transmission method is adopted, and the material density is small, and the roller type can be prioritized. Instead, the rack type can be selected and the rack type can also prevent slippage.

(2) Washing and sedimentation operations in wet smelters, generally using a multi-layer concentrator.

(3) Inclined plate type concentration tank, which can be used for concentration operation and sewage purification operation of small thickener.

(4) The production capacity of the ore dressing plant or the required settlement area shall be determined according to the material settlement test, and may also be selected according to the production quota of similar enterprises. After determining the specifications of the concentrator, it should be checked according to the rising water flow rate, which is generally less than 5 μm.

The high-efficiency concentrator is no longer a simple material settling. It is a new type of solid-liquid separation equipment that combines sedimentation and mud layer filtration. Compared with the traditional thickener, the high-efficiency thickener has the advantages of larger processing capacity per unit area and smaller floor space.

Pay attention to the above principles and choose the concentrating equipment that suits you to make full use of the value of the concentrator.