Installation and commissioning is the key link for Zhejiang Gold to truly realize the beneficiation test, mine design, and equipment manufacturing in the overall service of the concentrator, and it is directly related to whether the concentrator can meet the standards and production.

       On-site equipment installation and commissioning is a very meticulous and rigorous work with strong practicality. Any deviation may cause the recovery rate to drop and fail to reach the expected value. For example: the same type of equipment may have different opening positions in different constructions according to actual needs; installation deviations; subtle differences in water consumption and pharmaceutical usage in the beneficiation process, etc. These subtle differences will affect the final recovery rate. have a huge impact.

        In view of the importance of on-site installation and debugging, Zhejiang Gold's equipment installation and debugging work is led by professional engineers and technicians responsible for installation and debugging. The installation and commissioning personnel sent by Zhejiang Gold for customers are selected from the old technicians who participated in the customer’s mine design throughout the process. This is mainly based on two considerations: First, the old technicians are experienced in the structure, performance and use of Zhejiang Gold’s self-produced equipment. Very familiar, can play a multiplier role in the installation and commissioning; second, because the technicians participate in the customer's mine design work throughout the process, the overall design of the customer's concentrator is well understood, and a large number of practical problems can be solved quickly in the construction of the concentrator.

         Zhejiang Gold adheres to the principle of customer interests first. According to the actual situation of customers, it can provide 3 kinds of on-site installation and commissioning programs:

  •  Free guide installation

    All relevant majors send an experienced old technician to provide technical guidance on the installation and commissioning of the customer's plant selection equipment, saving customers the cost of installation and commissioning experts. The customer shall bear the travel expenses for the installation and commissioning of the guide abroad.

  • Work without materials

    Zhejiang Gold is responsible for the deployment of personnel for the installation and commissioning of mineral processing equipment, and customers are responsible for the installation and commissioning of parts, tools and other materials.

  • All inclusive

    Zhejiang Gold is responsible for all the tools, materials and personnel required for installation and commissioning, and the final acceptance by the customer.