Nude Packing

Nude packing is mainly used for some equipments that is wear resistant, high quality, and without packing, such as the steel that install the material, shell plate of equipment, which saves cost for customers.

  • Bundle Packing

    Bundle packing is suitable for angle steel, channel and steel pipe that used to install material, and the parts that with small size, large quantity and wear-resistant, such as stiffening plate, reinforcing plate and flange. Besides, it also demands shipping mark in the bundle packing equipment, indicating goods name, specification and quantity.

  • Rope Bundle Packing

    Rope bundle packing is suitable for delicate and brittle equipment, such as bearing, belt conveyor, electric drum, etc.

  • Waterproof Winding Packing

    Waterproof winding packing is suitable for all loose packaged equipment, secondary machine and electrical products, reducer, electric control cabinet, it adopts stretch film packaging, which is waterproof, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant.

  • Snakeskin Bag, Airform Winding Packing

    This packing method is mainly used for easily worn-off equipment that painted on surface which is rust-proof, wear-resistant and anti-collision.

  • Wood Pallet Packing

    Suitable for the goods with large quantity, easy to loosen and roll, such as blade of leaching tank, bracket of belt conveyor and carrier roller.

  • Wooden Packaging

    Wooden packing applies to the equipment with large quantity and small size, such as spare parts, laboratory facilities and electrical material. Wooden packing should be attached to packing list, packing detail and DMAX.
    For installation and commission, Zhejiang Golden upholds customer fist. There are 3 methods of installation and commission according to the actual situation of customers.

  • Free guide of installation

    Zhejiang Golden can send related veteran technician to guide customer with the equipment installation and commissioning for saving customer's cost. The customer should be responsible for the travel charge of the technician.

  • Contract for materials

    Zhejiang Golden arranges the installation and commission technicians, and clients prepare the components and instruments of installation of commission.

  • Contract for labor and materials

    Zhejiang Golden is responsible for tools, materials and personnel allocation of the installation and commission. Customers can directly wait for the final results.